Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog - Not yet entered (as some already know) from July 8th, 2010

Thurs. July 8th, 2010...
Bethany was so precious earlier today. She wanted to know what a 9 week old baby looked like inside of the tummy and how big they were. I showed her an online pict from a week to week pregnancy website and she was shocked. She said their ears aren't like our ears, because theirs are so hard to see. She said it's like they don't have ears and they don't have these (pointing to her ear cartilage). Priceless. She wanted to know if I could rotate the baby, so I put it on a 3D rotation and she was shocked. She asked about why the baby was ducking it's head and why it had no hair. She also asked about it's small tail and then wondered what happened to her tail. LOL. So cute!! I then told her that the baby was about 1 inch long and that it weighs just a hair less than a penny. Her eyes got so big that I wish I had the camera handy!! My little angel is so smart, yet so innocent, and yet it's so priceless to see her learn and care about her sibling!! I just know she'll make the perfect big sister!!

She also scolded Saddie, our puppy, from jumping up on my stomach before I could. (She must have seen Saddie getting ready to jump, while I was working in the kitchen.) She immediately said, "No. You'll hurt the baby!" Our puppy sat down and just looked at her and Bethany said, "NO!!" Saddie looked hurt and Bethany walked off. Saddie just sat there looking like, "What just happened?"

So, as you can see, I've got my "little momma" working along side me, who's going to be a great big sister!!

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