Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, July 9th - New Parent Orientation

Friday, July 9th - New Parent Orientation @ Jax Base...
This morning went well at the New Parent Orientation. We did the orientation and then lab work. Bethany & Chad enjoyed (or seemed to enjoy) the orientation. They showed a 15 min. movie clip of baby from conception to birth. They then went over paperwork of do's and don'ts during pregnancy. At the lab, they pulled 6 viles full of blood to do whatever tests they run. They also had me do another urine sample and stuck 3 labels to it. Not sure what that's all about, considering I already did the pregnancy test here at Mayport and with 6 viles of blood, you'd think they'd have what they needed. Next thing you know, they'll want a hair sample and my right arm!!

Well, Chad is already on me. He said I can't have fish, Red Lobster's shrimp or any fish due to the mercury. He said I can't hold or pet Precious, our cat, due to the germs she's carrying. (Although the pamplet said I couldn't change cat litter due to the ammonia it has, puts out, whatever - but Precious is an outdoor cat, so no worries, for me at least.) He also said no cold meats or sandwiches, as it all has to be heated up and steamy. See what I get for Chad actually reading the pamphlets and fliers they put into the folder for us!!! He never reads anything, but today, he decided to read, read and read!!! He also said no fresh carrots, as they all have to be baked. Guess I'm limited to spaghetti!! LOL. As soon as Chad heard me pulling stuff out of the freezer (to cook chicken), he wanted to know what I was doing and what I was cooking. Guess the Kitchen Police is on patrol!!! LOL.

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