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Thursday, July 22nd - 1st official appointment

Thursday, July 22nd - 1st official Baby appointment
Sorry for not really updating everyone before now, but not much has happened from my last post until now... only morning sickness, which lasts most of the day. Fun, fun!
Morning came all too early for our house yesterday for Baby's 1st official appointment. We (Bethany and I) set our alarms for 6am and pulled ourselves from our beds. Bethany was up and fixing cereal for breakfast before I could even really keep my eyes open. I was shocked!!
We, Bethany & I, headed out a little after 6:45am and got to the base to fight base traffic. We finally made it through the gates and toward the base clinic. We got there shortly after 7:15am, beating the clinic even opening, despite the fact they told me to be there 15 minutes early!! After a little shuffling of paperwork to find or recreate my folder (believed to be at Jax Base due to parent orientation), we were finally called back to get my vitals. Bethany took pictures of each step, not missing a beat. She took a picture of my blood pressure being taken, it's measurements (the machine's results), and my weight results. (She said she didn't want to take a picture of my temperature being taken. "It just doesn't look right.")
The lady then walked us across the hall, where they were able to do an ultrasound to confirm baby's estimated due date, size, etc. to be sure all is on track. Bethany had tons of questions of what was what in the room and she absorbed every bit of information. During the ultrasound, she was able to see baby. She couldn't peel her eyes from the monitor any easier than I could. Bethany asked about the heartbeat and she showed Bethany the beating heart. Bethany asked if she could hear it and she turned the sound on. Bethany's eyes got so big and she said, "Wow!" It was priceless. She said the heartbeat is so fast because the baby is so small and when it gets bigger, it will get slower. The lady was amazed Bethany knew that. She said that not many people know that and said she was very proud of Bethany. I was too, as I hadn't told her that yet. The lady measured the heart beat and it was 176 beats per minute.
After measuring the baby and trying to look at the baby at every angle possible, the lady said baby isn't as far as we think Baby is. She remeasured and looked again and I have to agree with her. The Baby didn't look as old as the pictures I've seen online and where I think Baby should be at this point. She's guessing baby to be about 8 weeks and 5 days, as of yesterday. She also took 3 pictures of Baby so that we could share with Daddy.
When she was doing the ultrasound, she also came across a cyst and said it's about 3cm in size. She said it's nothing to be too alarmed about (since I've had them in the past), but if it grew to 5cm, we might be a little more concerned. She is referring me out in town or to the Jax Base to get a 2nd opinion on both the baby and the cyst. I have to call today to find out which place I'm headed to and the date and time as well.
When she had finished the ultrasound and left the room, Bethany realized she forgot to take a video or picture of baby during the ultrasound. She went to take a picture of the picture left on the ultrasound monitor and realized she was taking a video. She recorded her discovery and then she said, "Well, that's Baby!" and laughed.
From there, we headed to the lab so that I could take the glucose tolerance test. I drank the super sweet drink (tasted like orange soda, only sweeter and with no carbonation or fizz). We sat there an hour, which drove Bethany nuts, as she couldn't see or take pictures of anything happening. Once the hour was up, I had my blood drawn. Of course, that was action, so Bethany recorded the gentleman drawing my blood... both viles. She didn't miss a beat. The 2 guys drawing blood in the lab thought she was cute and kept laughing. I think it brightened their day too. She was amazed at how dark my blood was and said hers was really, really light colored red. Little does she realize, when it's in a vile, it will make it look darker than what a cut or scrape will look like. So cute and so priceless!!
As you can see, I've not only got my "Little Momma" working along side me but also not missing a beat with her camera either!!
(Daddy is out to sea, otherwise he would have joined us. However, we've kept him updated via e-mails. Bethany can't wait to show off her pictures and videos!!)
Hope all is well for each of you.

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  1. Ohh how very exciting. I wish we could talk but I don't have your number or email. Bethany is priceless for sure.